225 Burton to Officer

Cablegram 72 CANBERRA, 13 August 1948


You will recall Usman came here with Dutch approval by Dutch plane in June 1947. [1] There has since this time been no objection to his presence here and he has not on any occasion embarrassed Dutch authorities, and in fact on many occasions in making public speeches has deliberately avoided any embarrassment.

2. We welcome news that new Dutch Government intends to arrive at an agreement. Kirby is occupied on important work, but if it is definitely intended to push ahead with a settlement and to avoid protracted negotiations and incidents just when agreement seems possible, we shall do all possible to spare Kirby as we attach high importance to an immediate settlement in Indonesia.

3. Summary of Bevin's conversations follows. [2]

1 See Documents 78, 84 and 87 in Volume XI.

2 Dispatched on 13 August, Cablegram 73 conveyed the substance of telegrams Q156 and Q157 (see note 1 to Document 222).

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xviii]