223 Officer to Chifley [1] and Burton

Cablegram Hag 104 THE HAGUE, 12, August 1948


Secretary General of Foreign Affairs told me last night on behalf of new Minister (who will send for me in course of next few days) that he hopes for early solution of N.E.I. problems and to that end trusts that if need arises Kirby's services will be available.

2. He hopes that Dr. Evatt will be able to pay a visit to Hague and have personal discussions with him between 13 and 18 September.

3. He is concerned at report that Australian officials propose attending reception by 'Representative of Republic Indonesia' in Canberra on August 17th and hopes they will avoid this seeming official recognition at a time when it might be wrongly interpreted. [2]

4. I am advising Dr. Evatt accordingly.

1 In Evatt's absence overseas, Chifley was the Acting Minister for External Affairs.

2 Officer had not received Cablegram 71 (Document 222) at the time he dispatched this.

[AA:A8108/2, 280/1/48, i]