217 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN676 NEW YORK, 29 July 1948, 7.32 p.m.



Security Council today adopted by nine votes Chinese resolution as follows: 'The Security Council, having considered the Committee of Good Offices' report on the Federal Conference opened in Bandung on 27th May 1948 [1], third interim report [2], report on standstill in political negotiations [3] and report on restrictions on trade in Indonesia [4], calls upon the Governments of the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia with the assistance of the Council's Committee of Good Ofices to maintain strict observance of both the military and economic articles of the Renville Truce Agreement [5] and to implement early and fully [6] the twelve Renville political principles and the six additional principles.' [7]

2. Soviet Union and Ukraine abstained on ground that resolution was ineffective and should have been directed specifically against Netherlands.

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