19 Burton to Kirby

Cablegram K39 CANBERRA, 15 January 1948


We think it would be unfortunate if your two colleagues arrived in New York before you, and it might be wise to offer them transport with you to Sydney, and we would arrange onward transport. You can perhaps emphasise the desirability of giving the impression at all times of the Committee acting together, and there might be a misinterpretation if the three members do not arrive together at New York. We would be glad to make any arrangements convenient to them.

2. If such a plan is not acceptable to them, it may be that you should travel direct also, but would be glad of your advice before any decisions are made. Please advise as soon as possible dates of departure and what staff you think you might require. It would be desirable for Critchley to stay, and, if possible, we should like you to manage with the assistance of staff already at New York.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xiv]