180 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 285 CANBERRA, 17 June 1948, 4.15 p.m.



Since sending our 284 [1] we have learned from radio reports that United StatesAustralian proposal [2] has been made public, together with the fact that Dutch have refused to consider it.

Dutch are reported to have declined to continue discussions for the time being, and all negotiations have accordingly come to standstill.

2. In absence of official report it is not clear how proposal became public. Nor do we yet know its precise nature, though we believe it would offer sound basis for settlement. Main thing is that Security Council should study it as soon as possible in the light of Dutch rejections. Text of proposal may be already in hands of Secretariat. You should propose to-day that Council call for full text and for immediate report from Committee of Good Offices. You should also try to ensure that Council meets within next few days to consider latest developments.

3. United States representative will be closely concerned, especially since the proposal rejected by the Dutch, even though initiated by Critchley, has been adopted by the Americans as their own.

1 Document 178.

2 Document 173.

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