174 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN527 NEW YORK, 10 June 1948, 10.26 [a.m.]


Indonesia-Security Council 10th June. [1]

The Council heard statements by Palar and Van Kleffens. Belgium then suggested the Council adjourn further discussion until further reports mentioned in the Committee of Good Offices' second report have been received. [2] Australia, India and Ukraine opposed indefinite adjournment and Secretary fixed date (Thursday 17th) for next discussion whether additional reports received or not.

Palar made a lengthy statement charging the Dutch with an attempt to eliminate Republic and demonstrating from report on West Java falsity of Dutch statements to Council in February. Mentioned amendment of Dutch constitution. Asked Security Council.

1. Whether it could intervene to bring about fulfilment of economic aspects of truce and 2. To pronounce judgement on the new states issue.

Van Kleffens cited agreement reached 7th June for inter-island and overseas trade [3], and meeting arranged for Monday 14th for direct conversation between Van Mook and Hatta as encouraging signs. Disdained to answer Palar in detail but dealt with main issues of [federation] [4] and union charging that Republic paid lip-service by accepting those principles in Linggadjati and Renville agreement but had never sincerely accepted federal solution. Their continuing desire for a unitary solution in which they would dominate the Indies was the real obstacle to settlement. Change of heart by Republic essential to settlement.

Regarding New States, Dutch found a desire for regional autonomy but no trace of democracy. If democracy ever to grow, someone must introduce it and 'we made that start'. He claimed that West Java conference was representative, proceeded democratically and was justified in producing the provisional constitution. Drew contrast with Republic in which there had not even yet been an election.

Appealed to council to leave parties and committee to negotiate and not distract them by discussions at Lake Success. No threat to peace now existed and Security Council had not been established to discuss minor details. Netherlands Government was not prepared to come periodically to Security Council for such discussions.

1 The full text of the discussion is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Third Year, No.82, 316th Meeting, 10 June 1948, pp.1-36. The Security Council discussed the Committee of Good Offices report or political developments in West Java, its report on political developments in Madura and its Second Interim Report.

2 i.e. the report of the Committee of Good Offices on the Bandung Conference and the Committee's Third Interim Report.

3 See Document 184.

4 Amended with reference to United Nations records. The cited copy here reads: 'deferation'.

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