162 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K125 [KALIURANG], 4 June 1948


Last night Vredenburch called on Dubois for a general discussion.

2. According to Dubois there was an overrated deal of plain speaking. Dubois criticised the Dutch 'take it or leave it' attitude in negotiations, which was now reinforced by troop movements in apparent preparation for an offensive, and informed Vredenburch that the Committee was not prepared to sit idle while the Dutch forced a breakdown.

3. Vredenburch then said he had heard that the Committee was considering a settlement plan for presentation to the parties and asked what the position was. Dubois told him we were preparing a plan but declined to give particulars at this stage.

4. This showdown may prove of considerable assistance by causing Vredenburch to reconsider his position. Success of the Dutch policy mentioned in my telegram K.117 [1] depends upon the Committee remaining inactive and the Dutch must have counted on this. Realisation that the Committee is prepared to take the initiative may lead to some revision of policy.

1 Document 142.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xvii]