106 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K93 BATAVIA, 17 March 1948


Following telegram has been sent to the president of the Security Council by the Committee:-

Pursuant to resolutions on Indonesian Question adopted by the Security Council on 28 February, 1948, the Committee of Good Offices has the honour to report as follows for the information of the members of the Council:

The Netherlands delegation and the Republican delegation submitted today, through the Committee of Good Offices, programs setting forth following points for discussion.

1. Objectives of political settlement.

2. Participation of Republican Government in Provisional Federal Government.

3. Outlines of structure of the Netherlands-Indonesian Union.

4. outlines of structure of the United States of Indonesia.

5. Financial and economic matters and cooperation for defense within the framework of the Netherlands-Indonesian Union.

6. Transfer of functions of sovereignty in accordance with Renville Agreement.

7. Internal defense and security of United States of Indonesia.

8. Future status of the autonomous native states.

9. Provisions for obtaining the free expression of popular will in Java, Sumatra and Madura regarding the relations of the territories to the United States of Indonesia.

10. The provisions of the constitution of the United States of Indonesia relating to:

(a) Right of self-determination and self-government of the people (b) Rights and relations of the member states (c) Division of powers and duties of the United States of Indonesia and member states (d) Human rights and freedoms mentioned in Charter of United Nations (e) Rights of minorities (f) Citizenship 11. The Administration of justice.

12. The Constituent Assembly.

Both programs were referred to committees' composed of both delegations under Good Offices chairmanship which will now meet regularly until task completed.

Detailed questionnaires have been submitted to both parties regarding West Java and Madura developments and upon receipt of complete replies and assembly of other data, the Committee's reports thereon will be forwarded.

1 The main committees of the Conference between the Delegations of the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia were the Political Committee, the Economic and Financial Committee, the Social and Administrative Committee, and the Security Committee.

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