62 Evatt to Burton

Cablegram E21 (extract) NEW YORK, 1 October 1947, 11.16 p.m.


Regarding Economic Council you will by now have received cable giving result of our election. In the circumstances it was almost a miracle. We were not included on any ticket and I had to send a personal appeal to the great majority of the Delegations, copy of which I am sending by following telegram. We missed out by one on the first ballot and got our quota on the second ballot. I think this should be featured by the Prime Minister if he gets a chance considering efforts I made at San Francisco to strengthen Economic provisions of Charter, inclusion in the Charter of Pledge of Full Employment, and my criticism of economic controls concentration up to present time rather upon machinery than upon positive achievements. The vote was the surprise of the Assembly and I have been overwhelmed with congratulations by the Delegation. United States and other countries were heavily committed elsewhere and we did not get their vote. The British Commonwealth gave us solid support and we got a fair share of all other votes.

[matter omitted]

4. We have just received your telegram stating the Prime Minister's desire that we should seek election but I had anticipated this and as he will know, gone flat out for this result. None of the Commissions of other countries were sent in time to have any effect here except in cases where the Delegations were already on side. However, all's well that ends well, and I feel as if I have done a year's work in a few days and it was done almost exclusively by those who came from Australia and elsewhere for this particular Assembly.