581 Australian Government to Noel-Baker

Cablegram 348 CANBERRA, 17 December 1947, 12.10 p.m.


Australian expedition has now reached Heard Island. On receipt of message that landing ceremony approved by Cabinet has been carried out Acting Prime Minister will issue press release which will include following:

At a short ceremony on Heard Island ... December G/C S.A.C.

Campbell raised the Australian flag and formally initiated the programme that the Government has authorised to be carried out on Heard Island.

This programme will include the establishment and continuous operation of a full class 'A' weather station, the taking of cosmic ray observations and the carrying out of topographical and geological surveys.

Although G/C Campbell himself will be picked up early next year by the Wyatt Earp in order to direct other aspects of Australia's Antarctic programme, Australian parties will continue to occupy Heard island.

[AA : A1068, IC47/39/3]