494 Chifley to Ball

Cablegram 492 CANBERRA, 14 August 1947, 10 a.m.


Further my telegram 459 of 4th August, I have now discussed the general position with Dr. Evatt. I do not wish to enter into any controversy on the statements you made in your previous personal and confidential telegrams to me as you indicate that you are resigning. I merely wish to note that you are anxious to leave your post at the earliest possible moment and that you still intend to resign. You must not interpret this, however, as implying any acceptance of any statement you made in your telegrams.

2. After discussion with the Minister, we think that it is better that you should attend the Canberra Conference in an advisory capacity, after which your resignation could be made effective.

3. If, however, you would prefer to remain in Tokyo until after the Conference, and resign after your return, the Minister and I have no objection.

[AA : A1068, X337]