466 Evatt to Makin

Cablegram 339 CANBERRA, 21 March 1947, 4 p.m.


Your 388.

1. You are to see Acheson at once on the subject of your telegram.

Please inform him that I have given new instructions to our representative on Security Council in the light of recent developments. Show him at once my telegram to Hasluck No.174, copy of which you should have received or should get at once from New York.

2. Inform him that we have been perturbed at some of Austin's outbursts against Australia which, in our view, show complete lack of understanding of our position and were as unfortunate as unjustified. I hope instructions will be given to him by Acheson or Marshall so that he can indicate appreciation of Australia's support of the United States in this matter.

3. Please also indicate to Acheson that in my view an early settlement of Manus along the lines of my aide-memoire to Butler would be most helpful. [1]

4. I attach supreme importance to the closest contact between Australia and the United States in the Japanese settlement and consider that there should be discussions between us even at the most preliminary stages. Up to date this has not been so and the tendency is developing to have matters discussed and settled piece-meal without consultation and in circumstances which do not give us full opportunity of expressing our views.

5. I take it that the person referred to in your 388 had the authority of Acheson for his approach.

6. We are most anxious to have 100% co-operation with the United States and that they should in their turn realise Australia's supreme concern in Pacific matters, which will determine the destiny of our people.

7. This is a most urgent and vital matter.

1 Document 202.

[AA :A1838,333/4, ii]