454 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram 36 LONDON, 25 February 1947, 11.36 p.m.


My telegram D No.184 of to-day. [1]

Japanese Mandated Islands.

1. We consider that the reported Russian change of attitude, which we have only now heard, will, if confirmed, create a situation in which it is most unlikely that there will be any substantial body of opposition to the United States proposal in the Security Council. We feel, that, in such circumstances our position would be very embarrassing if opposition came only or mainly from British Commonwealth members.

2. In view of the urgency if the proposal does in fact come before the Council to-morrow, we have asked the United Kingdom representative to get in touch at once with his Australian colleague and discuss the matter with him, explaining the instructions which he has received, as summarised in my telegram under reference, as to the general attitude he should adopt. In particular he has been asked to make it clear that, if he should find himself in a position where he thinks that, in the light of the nature of his instructions and of general sense of the council, he should vote in favour of the United States proposal, this action would in no way conflict with our determination to endeavour to ensure that Australia is brought in on the ground floor to the fullest possible extent in preparations for the eventual peace settlement with Japan.

1 It informed the Australian Government that the US Draft Trusteeship Agreement would probably come before the Security Council on 26 February and that the Soviet Union intended to accept the draft agreement.

[AA : A1838,333/4, i]