453 Department of External Affairs to Hasluck

Cablegram 95 CANBERRA, 18 February 1947


Your Security 266. Japanese Mandates.

1. Under no circumstances must Australia lead opposition to United States proposal. Indeed, in principle we favour U.S. objective and this must be made clear.

2. Earliest advice of text of U.S. application to Security Council is desired. It would be useful if you could by private arrangement secure some adjournment of consideration of this matter by Security Council.

3. Detailed instructions will be forwarded as soon as we receive text of U.S. application. In the meantime our general views set out below are forwarded for your background information.

(a) U.S. deserves commendation for bringing matter to Security Council by way of Trusteeship proposal, instead of merely endeavouring to annex Mandates;

(b) We recognise tremendous contribution made by U.S. to defeat of Japan and think she is entitled to special and sympathetic consideration of her proposals regarding Japanese Mandates;

(c) Disposition of Japanese Mandates requires closest consultation at all stages between Allies in Pacific war, including Australia in this category.

(d) Ultimate disposition of Mandates is a matter which should be finally determined at Peace Conference dealing with Japanese settlement. We are doubtful whether Security Council can properly deal with question before such settlement, but it if does, any action taken by Council would need to be confirmed at Peace Conference.

This raises question of timing and method, and does not involve expression of opinion on the merits. As indicated in paragraph 1 above, however, in principle we favour U.S. objective.

[AA : A1838,333/4, i]