432 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 236 WASHINGTON, 20 February 1947


236. FEC 51 ... Japanese Education.

1. At request of USA we have agreed to omission of reference to Romaji [1] from education paper, on understanding that SCAP will nevertheless follow policy desired by you. MacArthur reports he is in complete agreement and is already encouraging Romaji. However he strongly urges no directive on Romaji be issued to him or by him because he feel[s] that any formal or public allied direction might be used as a basis for opposition to Romaji by the new underground nationalist bodies that are beginning to appear in Japan. (This is the first official indication given to us by USA that underground activity might be assuming any importance. An imperial picture society in Kyoto is quoted as example.) 2. Consideration of your proposals on decentralisation were postponed till next week to enable the US to obtain SCAP views.

3. All your other proposals including finance were accepted by Committee 19th February.

1 i.e. roman script.

[AA : A1067, P46/10/61, i]