408 Department of External Affairs to Embassy in Washington

Cablegram 672 CANBERRA, 9 June 1947


Your F.E.C. 139. Basic Policy.

Although the Basic Policy Paper is generally satisfactory we do not consider that its provisions should be used as a means of restricting discussions which may take place at any general Peace Conference, nor should it operate to anticipate the provisions of the Peace Conference. In order to ensure this the title of the Basic Policy Paper should be amended to read as follows:-

'1. This document is a statement of general policy relating merely to Japan after surrender. It does not deal with all matters relating to the occupation of Japan requiring policy determinations. Such matters as are not included or are not fully covered will be dealt with separately.

2. The policies laid-down in this paper are subject to and without prejudice to discussions which will take place during the negotiations of the Peace Treaty with Japan and the provisions of the Peace Treaty with Japan.'

2. You should discuss this amendment informally with other F.E.C.

Representatives and press for their support. Please advise their reaction before formally presenting amendment in FEC.

[AA : A1838,481/23]