394 Embassy in Washington to United States Department of State

Aide-memoire [WASHINGTON], 7 May 1947

The Australian Government desires to bring to the attention of the United States Government once again its views on the question of Japanese whaling, and to reiterate that the Australian Government is opposed to any further Japanese whaling expeditions in the Antarctic until the whole subject has been decided in the peace settlement.

In this respect attention is invited to the assurances given by the State Department in its aide-memoire of 16 October, 1946-in particular Page 4, Paragraph 2 and Page 5, Paragraph 2-and to the aide-memoire of 11 December, 1946-in particular Page 1, Paragraphs 2 and 3. In these aide-memoires the Australian Government was assured that the proposed expedition was an emergency measure confined to the 1946/47 season and did not in any way constitute a precedent for the future; that the Australian Government would be fully consulted in connexion with any future proposals regarding Japanese whaling with which the United States Government was concerned; that the future of the Japanese whaling industry was a matter for Allied consultation and decision; and that the ultimate disposition of Japanese whaling equipment and facilities was a matter for Allied consultation and decision.

The Australian Government further takes this opportunity to reiterate its view that Japanese whaling factories, chasers, and whaling gear should be made available as reparations from Japan.

[AA : A3300/7, 747]