360 Evatt to Mission in Tokyo for MacArthur

Cablegram 538 CANBERRA, 31 August 1947, 10.30 p.m.


Please convey the following message to MacArthur from Minister:-


The Canberra Conference has shown not only a remarkable degree of common ground but also almost complete agreement with what was your general approach and also my own.

I shall send you a fuller report. In the meantime, press reports are by no means full or reliable.

Marshall has sent me a message saying that he hopes that it will be possible to hold preliminary discussions during the first few weeks of the General Assembly. I am replying that I think this will be suitable so long as matter is then pressed forward with energy and despatch.


Ends. [1]

1 MacArthur replied on 3 September: 'Thanks for your message and heartiest congratulations on the success of the Canberra Conference. It reflects your leadership.'

[AA: A1838, 535/4]