329 Department of External Affairs to Embassy in Washington

Cablegram 737 CANBERRA, 26 June 1947, 11.15 a.m.



Reference your 817. [1] Mr. Beasley was informed of your earlier report that United States was considering calling a preliminary conference to discuss procedures on Japanese Peace Conference; and was asked to make certain that assurances given to United Kingdom Government by United States Government that United States were not taking such action prior to British Commonwealth Conference were honoured. (Our 685.) [2] 2. These assurances were reported to us by Mr. Beasley (Para. 5 of 198 of 30th May, 1947 [3])

[matter omitted]

3. Please arrange with United Kingdom Ambassador for a joint appeal to the State Department asking for delay in raising questions of procedure until after August Conference, in accordance with the spirit of their earlier undertaking.

1 Dispatched 23 June, it reported that Marshall was close to signing notes to the ten other FEC member countries asking for their views on Japanese peace treaty procedure.

2 Document 325 was repeated to the Embassy in Washington as Cablegram 685.

3 Document 319.

[AA: A1067, P46/10/61/10]