309 Australian Government to Addison

Cablegram 101 CANBERRA, 19 April 1947


Peace Settlement with Japan.

1. Your 75 crossed our telegram on the same subject [1] and with regard to paragraph 4 of your 75 we refer you to our telegram.

2. Many conferences have been held in London despite difficulties both during war and since and we feel that, in this case, the British Commonwealth Conference should be held in Australia which was a major base of operations against Japan. While appreciating your difficulties, we hope that you will be able to meet our wishes, which we are sure New Zealand also shares, in this regard.

3. With reference to your paragraph 3 you will see that our proposal was for a meeting of all members of the British Commonwealth and we would like to welcome Canadian and South African representatives here as well as those members of the British Commonwealth whom we represent at Tokyo on the Allied Control Council.

1 See Document 305, and note 2 to Document 306.

[AA : A1068, P47/10/61, ii]