30 Department of External Affairs to Legation in Moscow

Cablegram 151 CANBERRA, 8 August 1947


My immediately following telegram contains instructions sent to New York on the Balkans situation. [1] Please raise the matter with the Soviet Government on the highest level stressing our anxiety that a failure to reach a basis of agreement will mean a disastrous loss of confidence in the United Nations.

2. Both sides have agreed that the situation constitutes a threat to peace.

3. The Security Council is therefore obliged to act although agreement cannot be reached on fixing responsibility. We feel that our proposal will form a satisfactory basis of action while not infringing upon the opinions of either the U.S.S.R. or the United States.

4. You should impress the point that the decision lies between disillusionment which may be a first step towards the collapse of the U.N. and acceptance of a compromise by both sides.

5. Please advise urgently Soviet reaction.

1 That is, the content of Document 29.

[AA : A1838,854/10/7, ii]