287 Calwell to Innes

Cablegram G146 CANBERRA, 29 October 1947, 11.45 a.m.


It has been reported here that difficulty is being experienced by I.R.O. in the placement overseas of displaced persons and that this may seriously delay the programme for their transfer from the Occupation Zones and satisfactory settlement.

In this connection Australian Government would be prepared to consider an increase in the agreed quota from 12,000 to a maximum of 20,000 per annum under the same conditions as apply in the case of the recently completed agreement including right of selection by an Australian team and provision of shipping by I.R.O.

Would appreciate your comments on this proposal when matter will receive early consideration. [1]

1 Innes replied that budgetary limitations prohibited the movement of additional numbers before 30 June 1948. Calwell subsequently agreed that the increase could await the availability of funds.

[AA: A1068, IC47/31/14]