268 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram D401 LONDON, 21 April 1947, 9.45 p.m.



Foreign Secretary in C.F.M. Meeting on 16th April (my telegram 17th April, D No.386, Paragraph 2), agreed that Austrian Treaty should be signed by four powers only. In making this concession, which is departure from our position (outlined in my telegram 22nd February D No. 117), he made it clear that his object was to ensure that Treaty would be completed in Moscow (and that early withdrawal of Soviet troops from Danubian countries would thereby be achieved).

2. Foreign Secretary has explained position from time to time in meetings with Dominion representatives in Moscow, and we gathered that general view was that other governments would be unwilling to be named in preamble as signatory powers unless an opportunity should be guaranteed for consideration of text of treaty in conjunction with four powers at a stage at which changes could still be made. On the other hand our efforts to obtain official circulation of C.F.M. documents in connection with Treaty and opportunity for draft text to be considered and commented on by Allied powers have not been successful.

3. The Soviet Government have consistently opposed the signature by other Allied and Associated powers: French and United States Governments have been indifferent: Austria has requested that Treaty should be signed by four occupying powers only. It seemed best, therefore, in order to facilitate early signature of Austrian Treaty, to withdraw from our former position and to concentrate on inclusion in Treaty of suitable accession clause.

[AA : A1068, E47/3/5/13]