231 Evatt to Lifanov

Letter CANBERRA, 16 May 1947

I am in receipt of an official intimation from the Australian Legation at Moscow to the effect that no less than fourteen microphones had been inserted in the structure, centrally connected, and actively operated in such a way as to establish the fact of a long and systematic listening in by the Moscow authorities to all conversations in the fourteen rooms of the Australian Legation. These microphones were in active operation until removal.

The Australian Government regards this incident as a flagrant breach of international law and diplomatic practice and requires from the Soviet Government an immediate explanation.

The Australian Government further seeks reparation from the Soviet Government and, in particular, asks that the Soviet Government deliver immediately to the Australian Government all records and notes which have been made by Soviet authorities of conversations heard through the microphones operated in the Australian Legation at Moscow.

[AA: A1838, TS4626/1/5, 1]