213 Garnett to Burton

Letter CANBERRA, 1 December 1947


You will remember that in paragraph 4 of the Secretary of State's telegram No. 122 of the 17thjune to the Commonwealth Government certain suggestions were made as to the method of dealing with the United States claim in respect of Pacific bases.

The United Kingdom Government is becoming most concerned at the delay in answering the United States approach. The State Department are pressing the United Kingdom Embassy in Washington and the United Kingdom authorities are anxious to resume negotiations. The United States authorities are in fact becoming increasingly unwilling to discuss even day-to-day details connected with the administration of the various islands until the main issue has been discussed.

Consideration of these suggestions was deferred in view of the anticipated visit of Dr. Evatt to London. This visit is, however, not taking place and there will be no opportunity for a discussion in London.

We have therefore been asked to seek an urgent expression of the Commonwealth Government's views on the course proposed in paragraph 4 of the telegram referred to above. It is appreciated that it will probably be necessary to consult Dr. Evatt but it is hoped that this may be done without delay.

[AA : A6494 T1, 1/6]