210 Burton to Evatt

Cablegram E106 CANBERRA, 14 November 1947


Reference my E.71. PACIFIC BASES.

Since you will not now be visiting London [1] I feel that some indication should be forthcoming of Australian views on C.R.O.

telegram 122 of 17th June, 1947. You will recall that we have so far withheld comment on principle that entire matter should be discussed by Commonwealth representatives in London. New Zealand Government, while prepared to agree with United Kingdom proposal has also withheld comment thus far at our suggestion. Both United Kingdom and New Zealand are likely to press us again at any time.

2. You may find opportunity to discuss question with Berendsen and United Kingdom representatives in New York before Assembly ends.

3. Glad of your views.

1 Evatt cancelled plans to attend the marriage of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth on 20 November because of pressure of work at the United Nations. He returned home, via the Pacific, early in December.

[AA : A6494 T1, 1/6]