199 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram 166 LONDON, 1 August 1947, 4.18 p.m.


Your telegram 28th March, 78. Rocket Range.

We agree with paragraph 3 of your telegram about the joint body in London. We suggest that the body be called combined (United Kingdom/Australian) Long Range Weapons Committee, London, and that ... terms of reference should be (A) To consider the general policy to be followed in the construction and operation of the Australian range and [base] establishment.

(B) To consider major projects to be undertaken including provision of buildings, equipment and personnel.

(C) To consider the programme of work for the range and the base establishment.

(D) To advise on expenditure to be incurred at the range and at the base establishment.

(E) To advise on technical and other matters requiring joint consideration.

(F) To report to the United Kingdom and Australian departments concerned.

2. United Kingdom representatives will be Controller of Supplies (Air), Under Secretary (Research and Radio), Principal Director Scientific Research (Air) and Director Guided Weapons Research [and] development, all Ministry of Supply who can also provide a Secretary for the Committee. If agreeable to you, the Controller of Supplies would take the chair.

3. We also propose that the first meeting of the Committee should be held on August 11th to hear report by DGWRD [1] on his visit to Australia. Subsequent meetings can be arranged as required.

4. If these proposals are acceptable, we should be glad to have names of representatives of Department of Defence and Department of Munitions. We have received your nomination of member of High Commissioner's staff representing Commonwealth Treasury. [2]

1 i.e. G.W.H. Gardner, Director, Guided Weapons Research and Development, UK Ministry of Supply.

2 Australia agreed to all proposals. F.T. Sprange represented Treasury, Brigadier H.S. Nurse the Department of Defence and W.H.

Coulsen the Department of Munitions.

[AA : A1068 T4, DL47/7/1]