17 Makin to Chifley and Burton

Cablegram unnumbered NEW YORK, 26 November 1947, 11.52 p.m.


The Palestine Committee completed work at four o'clock this afternoon. Dr Evatt has received high praise for his Chairmanship.

There is great relief that the Committee has come to a final vote.

Dr Evatt had consultation with myself regarding the matters of our vote. We both strongly agreed that abstention would leave the worst impression possible, particularly with roll-call vote.

Partition seemed only course and should simplify the position of United Kingdom. Resolution carried 25 to 13.

Dr Evatt left New York this evening en route to Chicago and San Francisco. He is greatly fatigued and in need of a good rest. His efforts have been greatly praised by observers here.

[AA : A1838, TS852/20/2, i]