91 Evatt to Beasley

Cablegram 225 CANBERRA, 19 June 1947, 4.15 p.m.


1. Please see D.534. [1] Indonesia.

2. The course proposed by the United Kingdom, that of approaching United States with a view to a joint offer of good offices to the Netherlands and Indonesian authorities, should be amended. We would have expected, in a case of this kind, that they would not act without paying regard to our vital position in this area. In the interests of a successful outcome, which we all desire, prior consultation with us would have seemed appropriate, particularly in the light of the recent successful Australian Mission to Indonesia during which both parties were brought together by us and finally as a result of joint approach to me by Indonesian and Dutch authorities, reached agreement on the removal of the ban to trade between Australia and Indonesia.

3. In point of fact, both the Dutch and Indonesians know of our willingness to act as mediator.

4. I am sure you will agree it would have been much wiser if the United Kingdom Government had consulted us instead of informing us, without even asking for our comments. I should be glad if you would take action to ensure that any intervention of a friendly character is not limited to the United Kingdom and the United States but includes Australia.

5. Please inform United Kingdom Government that we had a successful mission in Indonesia recently, that we have been in touch with both Indonesian and Dutch representatives informally offering our good offices if any good purpose would thereby be served, and that we reasonably expect that the course of action contemplated in D.534 would not be completed without active association by Australia.

1 Document 88.

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