77 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram D499 LONDON, 5 June 1947, 9.30 p.m.


My telegram 4th June D.492. [1] Indonesia.

The Dutch have now requested me [2] to use our good offices in representing to the Indonesians the desirability of accepting in substance the Dutch proposals of 27th May. They are making similar approach to the United States Government.

2. The Dutch indicated that if we and the Americans were prepared to instruct our Representatives in Batavia to proceed to Djokjakarta and to make representations on these lines to the Indonesians they would for their part be prepared for the time being to leave this initiative to achieve its own results. They feel that the more unobtrusively any such action by us and by the United States can be carried out the better.

3. In view of the gravity of the situation which is likely to arise if the Indonesians refuse to consider the Dutch terms, we instructed the United Kingdom Consul-General at Batavia to proceed after consulting Dr. van Mook to Djokjakarta and to represent to Indonesians in as informal and friendly a manner as possible our view that recent Dutch proposals constitute a real step forward and create opportunity of a solution which should prove of lasting benefit not only to Dutch and Indonesians but to the world at large. Consul-General is to urge Indonesians to meet Dutch half way and to take next step forward after Linggadjati Agreement towards a permanent solution.

4. The Consul-General consulted Dr. van Mook who suggested that he should wait before visiting Djokjakarta until the United States Consul-General had received instructions from Washington to act similarly.

5. We have instructed His Majesty's United Kingdom Ambassador Washington to inform the State Department of the action which the United Kingdom Consul-General has been authorised to take and to express hope that they will be willing to authorise United States Representative to take similar action.

6. We will keep you informed of further developments.

1 This cablegram conveyed a summary of the Dutch proposals of 27 May (set Document 71, note 3) and inter alia advised that the United Kingdom Ambassador in Washington had been instructed to ascertain the views of the United States Government.

2 i.e. the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ernest Bevin.

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