76 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 88 THE HAGUE, 4 June 1947, 6.20 p.m.



My telegrams 84 [1] and 86. [2]

The position here seems that the Government have decided that the present state of impasse must be ended but do not know what to do if the Republican Government fail to reply or make a negative or unsatisfactory reply. The danger is that reactionaries who know their mind and the Military who wish to use force may precipitate a crisis which undoubtedly would bring political and industrial trouble here.

2. The Dutch note seems a careful and sincere attempt to find a solution but the time limit is unfortunate and will make acceptance more difficult.

3. You have been advised, I presume, from London of the proposed British and United States advice to the Republicans to be conciliatory and meet the Dutch at least part of the way.' Possibly this may have the desired effect.

1 Document 71.

2 Dispatched on 2 June, cablegram Hag 86 conveyed a summary of the Dutch note of 27 May (see Document 71, note 3).

3 See Document 77.

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