493 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 467 BATAVIA, 29 December 1947, 1.06 p.m.


From frankly informal talk with the Dutch Premier he informs me that a decision on a visit to Australia is not yet Possible. [1] Apparently there is dissension among the Dutch on account of the latest proposals of the Committee of Three which are stated to have caused an anti-Australian reaction here and in Holland. Beel considers that Graham also does not understand the Indonesian problem. Vredenburch whose influence here is most strong is uncompromising in his attitude towards the Republic and Australia in supporting the Republic and he told me his advice to the Premier was not to visit Australia, particularly on account of the anti-Australia feeling in Holland; however from my talks I consider that the Premier desires to make the visit which I have pressed for as far as possible.

1 See Documents 469 and 477.

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