460 Critchley to Burton

Cablegram K12 BATAVIA, 9 December 1947, 11.40 p.m.


We understand that the Security Council is at present considering the Indonesian question. [1] I know Kirby has in mind suggesting that Australia or some other delegate should call for an early interim report from the Committee of Good Offices. Kirby probably intends to discuss this as soon as he returns. [2]

2. I do not wish to raise this matter in advance of discussions with Kirby but at today's meeting of the special committee on the cease fire the Dutch made it clear that they will continue procrastination tactics and delayed acceptance or rejection of the plan for a truce. [3] Moreover Kirby was unaware of present discussions in the Council. In these circumstances I feel he would consider the present Security Council discussions a most suitable opportunity for proposing a report.

3. Australia has already suggested in the Good Offices Committee that an interim report might be made but in view of the reluctance of other delegates to support this wholeheartedly [4] it would obviously be of advantage to receive an instruction from the Council.

4. We are of course using every endeavour to frustrate Dutch procrastination tactics and endeavouring to build up a clear record of their evasion and refusals of suggestions from the Committee.

5. Glad if you will pass this to Kirby on his arrival.

1 See Document 461.

2 See Document 454, note 3. Kirby reached Sydney on 11 December.

On the following day, he conferred with Evatt who had arrived in Sydney by air from the United States on 8 December.

3 Document 449.

4 A sign here indicates 'probable meaning of group'.

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