456 Massey to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 685 SINGAPORE, 6 December 1947, 1.40 p.m.

Doctor Sjahrir leaving Singapore [by] Constellation December 9th.

He has not made any arrangements for his visit to Australia, leaving itinerary etc. to Dr. Oesman. Dr. Sjahrir desires to pay respects to the Prime Minister, Dr. Evatt, Messrs Pollard and Menzies. He wishes to see shipbuilding industry, iron and steel works, food processing factories, meat, fruit, dairy produce. Also wishes to see up to date farms of various types. Would also like, if possible, a recreation visit to Sydney's beaches and mountains.

I have had long discussion with Dr. Sjahrir and given him local Australian picture political, commercial and social as far as practicable.

Dr. Sjahrir is looking forward most eagerly to the visit and is grateful of your assurance of reception. [1] Please inform Dr.

Oesman of foregoing and be assured of necessary accommodation arrangements. Whole visit in Australia approximately 2 weeks. [2]

1 See Documents 395 and 432.

2 Sjahrir arrived in Sydney by air on 11 December. He visited Canberra (16-18 December) and Melbourne (18-21 December) before leaving Sydney by air for Singapore on 22 December. No record of any discussions between Sjahrir and Australian ministers or officials has been found.

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