424 Kirby to Burton

Cablegram unnumbered BATAVIA, 19 November 1947, 11 p.m.


Your telegram 349 [1] compels me to make three observations for which I regret the necessity:

(1) In my telegram 412 [2] I did not ask for your opinion as to whether I was correct in seeking further interpretation but in clear terms asked you to get information from New York. [3]

(2) I am not under your instructions as to the way I perform this Mission.

(3) Your considered opinions and advice are not only helpful but anxiously desired by me but I regret that I cannot put your telegram 349 in that classification.

2. In your telegram 342 which I much appreciated you promised me 'full information' [4], yet your first step is to ignore the important requests by me. For instance, I urgently wanted an answer to paragraph 3 of my telegram 412 and am most embarrassed now as Graham needs all the pressure and influence I can supply to agree to co-operate with me on either immediate forcing of the Dutch to withdraw to August 4th positions or a refusal to withdraw which latter the Committee could report to the Security Council.

Evatt's support on this would have given just the extra pressure needed.

3. I am on the spot and must stress that any idea of a cease fire and stand fast in the present positions for any period except most urgent short interim period before a Dutch withdrawal to the August 4th positions would lead, in my opinion, to the very early collapse of the Republic.

4. At this very moment the Dutch and the Republicans are still meeting to agree on part 1 of a cease fire. The Dutch are anxious to have a cease fire and stand fast in the present positions, and I am trying to make sure that agreement as to this is absolutely conditional on the immediate discussions on part 2, which is to implement fully November 1st resolution and also to be without prejudice to the full rights and obligations of a party under that resolution.

5. Having made my complaints in the early paragraphs, I feel I should now add that they were not made in immediate personal annoyance but after reflection to assist us both in future co- operation. This task is very near to my heart, as I know it is to yours, and I really do want to put and keep our relationship on basis of mutual trust and help.

Personal regards.

(Part 2 following as numbered telegram through Consulate-General.) [5]

1 Document 422.

2 Document 420.

3 Burton had in fact responded to Kirby's request on 15 November (see Document 422).

4 No such promise is given in Document 418.

5 Document 429.

[AA:A3195, 1947, 1.22732]