410 Kirby to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 397 BATAVIA, 7 November 1947


At meeting with Republican Government at Djokjakarta on Wednesday they agreed (a) to proposal for meeting on ship;

(b) that Committee should suggest procedure for settlement;

(c) that Committee should suggest actual basis of settlement;

(d) to appoint a Committee with expert advisers for consultation with Dutch on implementation of cease fire.

2. At meeting with Netherlands today, after initial differences of opinion, they (a) agreed to accept ship as meeting place;

(b) agreed to accept at any stage suggestions by the Committee as to procedure for settlement;

(c) did not reject proposal that Committee suggests terms of settlement but stated they considered it too early to accept the proposal in total;

(d) took notice of appointment of Republican Committee for consultation in implementation of cease fire.

3. Both Netherlands and Republican Governments have agreed to deposit with Committee copies of all official press and broadcast statements with a view to creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

4. My immediately following telegram [1] gives text of press statement being released at 10 p.m. regarding meeting place on ship.

1 Document 411.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/254, i]