393 Burton to Eaton

Cablegram 318 CANBERRA, 28 October 1947


An Indonesian ship is within radio contact of Australia and endeavouring to arrange a means of communication between the Republic and the Australian Government. We will supply further details when known, but meanwhile, this is a clear indication that in the Indonesian view their position is prejudiced by the lack of communications.

2. The Dutch have stated [1] that the negotiations with the Republic can only begin if the Three Nations Commission succeeds in finding a common basis for discussions, but that it will be an open question whether such a basis will be found in view of the attitude taken by the Republic. It adds that when the negotiations are opened, it goes without saying that the non-Republicans of Indonesia will also claim to take part in them. Kirby should realize that this question was developed in the Security Council, and that the dispute is between the Republic and the Dutch, and that any Indonesian groups [which] [2] might be brought forward [have no relation] [3] to the present inquiries.

3. For Kirby's personal information, Dr. Evatt will probably support the Russian resolution regarding troop withdrawals [4], but failing that resolution, he will outline clear direction to the Committee.

4. If Kirby is not with you, no doubt you could send a coded message including the above. [5] (Moore carries EAC6. [6])

1 The reference is to the Radio Hilversum broadcast referred to in Document 391.

2 Words in square brackets have been corrected from the copy located in the series of negative mastersheets of outward cablegrams (AA:A3196, 1947, 0.18090).

3 The cited copy reads 'if they relate'.

4 See Document 365.

5 Cablegram 318 was conveyed to Kirby before the Committee of Good Offices flew to Djokjakarta on 29 October.

6 A recyphering table used in conjunction with the External Affairs Cipher 1942.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/259/1]