370 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 608 CANBERRA, 10 October 1947


Your UN.958. [1]

1. The arrangements which have been made are greatly welcomed by the Prime Minister and by Kirby, and all necessary steps will be made to meet members of the Committee and the Secretariat staff and to look after them.

2. Accommodation and transport, particularly in Indonesia, will present difficulties, and we cannot see the advantage of the large staff of the Secretary-General. Kirby considers the staff should be one representative of the Secretary-General and perhaps the interpreter. Any clerical or other staff can easily be supplied by ourselves or by the American and Belgian missions in the area.

3. After discussion with Kirby, it is thought that, rather than meet in Sydney, where all members of the Committee will be constantly approached by the press, it might be preferable immediately to take Committee members on arrival to a place such as Lapstone [2], where they can be suitably accommodated all together and where office accommodation can be provided. After a day or so there, they could be taken by special plane to the area and returned to Lapstone or any other point which they might agree upon to complete their work. It is suggested that they be informed that arrangements are being made along these lines, but that these arrangements can be changed if, when they arrive and have had discussions with Kirby, they would prefer others.

4. Kirby has spent two days at Canberra and is fully familiar with background. Glad of earliest advice as to movement of other members of Committee.

1 Document 368.

2 In the Blue Mountains, near Sydney.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/2, i]