365 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN944 NEW YORK, 3 October 1947, 10.58 p.m.


Security 499.

1. Council today discussed Indonesian question and had before it interim report from Consular Commission. [1] At outset Dr. Evatt stated that reports should not be treated as confidential and should be made public. This was agreed and report was read to Council.

2. Dr. Evatt then stated that Interim Consular report showed that Council's cease fire order had not been observed. Australian Government was most anxious to avoid bloodshed and to promote conciliation. As the Committee of Three is really responsible to the Council, the Secretariat should immediately call the Committee together and accordingly we proposed a resolution:

'The Security Council resolves that the Secretary-General be requested to act as convener of the Committee of Three and arrange for the organisation of its work, and that the Committee of Three be requested to proceed to exercise its functions with the utmost despatch.'

3. Gromyko then spoke. He emphasised that the report of the Consular Commission should not be treated lightly. He stated that it showed the cease fire order had not been observed. He went on to stress that the first and decisive step is that troops should be withdrawn and accordingly moved [a] resolution proposing troops should be withdrawn to positions occupied before military operations commenced. He believed Australian resolution did not go far enough.

4. Van Kleffens then spoke at length blaming Indonesian forces for breach of cease fire order. During course of long address he delivered bitter attack upon Indonesian Government and spoke strongly against any suggestion of withdrawal of forces.

5. Chairman proposed adjournment of meeting but we pressed for vote on our resolution and postponement of discussion on other items. Australian suggestion was adopted and our resolution carried by 9 for, Soviet and Poland abstaining.

6. Next meeting Tuesday morning.

1 See Document 344.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/1]