353 Department of External Affairs to Eaton

Cablegram 280 CANBERRA, 26 September 1947, 5.15 p.m.


Your 328 [1] is disturbing as we had formed opinion that Dutch were being cooperative with respect to Committee of Three and would not use delaying tactics. We were expecting a more favourable reaction to your approach asking what their general views were. [2] If, however, they are reluctant to make known their views, except to the Committee itself, then we must plan without the advantage of having their views. We cannot accept any delaying tactics and for your own information Dr. Evatt will raise the matter in the Security Council on Monday [3] and urge immediate action. It should be emphasised to the Dutch authorities that, having reached this stage, nothing but damage can come from any suggestions of delay, as all members of the United Nations are watching with interest this development which, with co-operation of both parties, should lead to a satisfactory conclusion to each party and redound to the credit of the United Nations.

2. The proposal to allow a Republican liaison officer at Canberra and an Australian officer at Djokjakarta is most wise and the Dutch can be assured that such an arrangement will not in any way prejudice their interests.

1 Document 351.

2 See Document 339.

3 Although the interim report of the Consular Commission (see Document 344) was listed on the Security Council's agenda, the Indonesian question was not discussed by the Council on 29 September.

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