349 Burton to Evatt

Cablegram E31 (extract) CANBERRA, 24 September 1947



Now that we have nominated our representative and expressed the view that the meeting should be as soon as possible, the next step is presumably for the Secretariat of the United Nations to communicate with all three Governments and to state time and place of meeting. The way in which things are going in Indonesia makes it clear that the meeting should be as early as possible, and I still feel that Singapore is perhaps the best initial meeting place. Kirby is ready now to leave, and we are setting down on paper a firm proposition [1] he could put forward which might be acceptable to both sides. I shall cable you a draft perhaps tomorrow. [2] I would suggest that an endeavour be made to keep to 1st October at Singapore for first meeting.

1 See Document 350.

2 No such cablegram has been located.

[AA:A9420/1, 2]