335 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 320 BATAVIA, 16 September 1947, 4 p.m.


Had informal personal talks with Schuurman today. He agreed with the view that the three power committee would obtain the best results if definite terms of reference were given to obtain solution of the problem particularly from the Dutch point of view, but this is personal and unofficial.

2. Reports of my last inspection tour and the inspection tour by Belgian and Chinese Consuls [1] being forwarded next air mail under cover of P.L.67 dated September 16th.

3. Australian observer officers placed as planned and on September 16th I am proceeding to Sumatra as planned with the two English observer officers to be placed for observance of the cease fire order.

4. Your telegram 270 [2] received immediately prior to my dinner at the Palace where [in] informal and personal conversation with the acting Lieut. Governor-General, Schuurman and Koets, the proposition for representation at Djokjakarta was advanced.

5. These Dutch officials have no knowledge of or reason for representations of urgency by the Dutch Minister in Australia but fully realize the importance and are communicating with The Hague concerning Australian representation at Djokjakarta immediately.

They appear to be in sympathy.

6. Do not consider there is any reason to cancel my tour to Sumatra with the United Kingdom and French Consuls as the Lieut.

Governor-General will advise his answer from The Hague by special aeroplane to me for communication to Australia. This will be submitted immediately.

7. At full mission meeting today I proposed that joint report should be compiled on conclusions reached on all reports submitted to the mission and that these reports be submitted as attachments to the joint report. This was accepted.

8. My return to Batavia will be Sunday September 21st after which it is probable that compilation of the joint report will commence.

1 The texts of these reports are given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Second Year, Special Supplement No.4, pp.33-48.

2 Document 334.

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