330 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 163 THE HAGUE, 12 September 1947, 5.23 p.m.



My telegram No.158 [1], your telegram 124. [2]

In absence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, who is spending a few days in the country, I discussed the situation with the head of the Political Section this morning.

2. He was moderately reassuring about Van Mook's trip and expressed the opinion that there was no question for the time being of further military action.

3. He reverted to the subject of my telegram 159 [3] and indicated that they would like to see United States as a power and suggested as its representative Dean Acheson or Eisenhower but not a political figure.

4. He seemed to think that the objective should be the renewal of negotiations on basis of Linggadjati but the Indonesian Government would need to be strong enough to control its military. A first essential would be agreement on a joint commission to pacify disturbed areas.

1 Document 314.

2 Dispatched on 12 September, it conveyed the text of Document 329.

3 Document 327.

[AA:A1838/283, 403/3/1/1, x]