315 Eaton to Burton

Cablegram 298 DJOKJAKARTA, 6 September 1947 [1]



This morning in informal talks at Jocja[carta] President and Prime Minster said that it was hoped Australia would be Republican representative on Commission [2] and that United Kingdom would be chosen as third power. Russia and China not considered suitable.

Communications with Sjahrir in America difficult, he apparently will recommend Indonesian choice.

2. Indonesian[s] hope terms of Commission will include arbitration on interpretation of disputed points of Linggardjati agreement which is hoped to serve as basis for renewed discussions. Present feeling of Indonesians is that final solution of problem must include a third power to supervise execution of decided cooperation between both parties.

3. With French Consul-General I return Batavia tomorrow for special meeting called by Chairman Consular Mission and submission of our report.

4. Conclusions of this report being forwarded separate telegram.

[3] Do not consider Consular inquiry will be drawn out but am suggesting to Mission that at least one member on conclusion of inquiry proceeds to Security Council to explain personally the complicated position.

5. Within few days hope to proceed Sumatra.

1 Owing to the absence of telegraphic communication to and from Djokjakarta, this cablegram was not dispatched to the Department of External Affairs until Eaton's return to Batavia on 7 September.

2 i.e. the Committee of Three (see Document 317).

3 Document 316.

[AA:A4355/2, 7/1/7/3]