309 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 295 BATAVIA, 1 September 1947


E.2. Result of meeting of Consuls-General, American, French, Belgian and self, Chinese absent, as follows.

2. In discussion American Consul-General stated his instructions were to advise how many military and other assistants he required for observance 'cease-fire' order and present conditions and to collaborate [with] other members. Other consular members instructed by their governments to collaborate.

3. General agreement on procedure of consular inquiry for information of governments concerned to be conveyed tomorrow to Indonesian and Dutch governments is as follows:

(a) Consular inquiry officers formed as consular mission with Dr.

Foote American Consul-General as Chairman.

(b) Joint reports to be made from time to time and forwarded to Security Council by Chairman.

(c) All members to report individually to own Governments.

(d) Any member to have direct contact with Indonesian or Dutch authorities.

(e) Any member to receive all possible facilities from both Dutch and Indonesian authorities to proceed to any place and investigate either singly or jointly.

(f) Dutch and Indonesian authorities to give list of all danger points.

(g) Recommendations by all members to their own governments for total of 24 military officers to be attached as observers to either side for observance of 'cease fire' order and to obtain any other relevant information.

4. Australian quota of military observers to be 4 if you agree.

5. Reference my E.1. [1] Hague interpretation of investigation and joint report is to be as decided by consular mission; see para.

(3) above.

6. Arranged for self and French Consul-General to proceed Djocjakarta Wednesday.

7. While Ballard remains [2] Dutch and Indonesian authorities informed I am acting as deputy Consul-General.

8. From Gani no certain information country being nominated for Security Committee but he thinks Australia. Also information Indonesia advised by French Consul-General to apply for U.K. as their member.

1 Document 306.

2 Ballard did not leave Batavia until 9 September.

[AA:A4355/2, 7/1/7/3]