306 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 294 BATAVIA, 31 August 1947, 10.55 p.m.



Arrived at Batavia 1500 August 30th after delay of one day painting flags on aeroplane. [1] Endeavoured to see Van Mook who left August 31st [2]; impossible. This day, saw the head of the Dutch Far Eastern Office, American and British Consuls-General and Gani. The position is that the Dutch consider that joint report called for by the Security Council [3] means a joint enquiry and at present are definitely not prepared to allow any individual investigation by any member of consular enquiry and therefore will not permit aircraft to proceed to Djokjakarta or in the circumstances other places unless agreed to by members of the enquiry and the Dutch informed. No objection from Gani. In informal talks with the American and British Consuls-General, they agree that both individual and joint investigations most practical for joint report.

Dr. Foote, American Consul-General, Dean of the Consular Corps, calling meeting on September 1st of all consular representatives concerned to decide method of carrying out enquiry and informing the Dutch and Indonesian authorities. The Dutch authorities have cabled The Hague for interpretation of investigations and joint report. Will inform after tomorrow's meeting. Van Mook returns to Batavia on September 8th.

1 See Document 304, note 2.

2 See Document 305.

3 See Document 297, paragraph 1.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/1]