30 Department of External Affairs to Officer

Cablegram 38 CANBERRA, 14 April 1947

Your 51. [1]

1. Announced here today and supported by Ballard that important progress towards finality has now been made in Dutch-Indonesian negotiations on trade arrangements and that both parties had decided on appeal to Australian waterside workers to lift ban. In view of this we consider our move most appropriate. It will be sign to all countries to enter into negotiations and we would regard it as most unfortunate if Dutch authorities by hindering immediate preliminary enquiries were to prevent Australia being first to make trading arrangements.

2. We propose to go ahead and will be asking for visas. Please press immediately for immediate reconsideration. We adhere to our view that these proposed discussions which are only exploratory and on official level can do nothing but good. On other hand refusal to grant visas to Australian officials would be regarded most seriously and could be especially embarrassing to Australian- Dutch relations if arrangements which have reached an advanced stage should become known publicly despite all precautions we have taken.

3. Urgent reply appreciated.

1 Document 29.

[AA:A3196, 1947, 0.5828]