286 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 481 CANBERRA, 15 August 1947, 10.10 p.m.


Your UN760 [1] part 2.

We have not yet received part 1 of your report [2] and unless you hear to the contrary before the next meeting of the Security Council go ahead with instructions as already given. [3]

2. We are aware that majority decision is not certain but are prepared to accept defeat rather than agree to unsatisfactory compromise.

1 Document 285.

2 See Document 285, note 1.

3 See Documents 280, 283 and 284. Dispatched at 11.30 p.m. on 15 August (after receipt of part 1 of Document 285), cablegram 482 to the Delegation confirmed the instruction to proceed with a draft resolution seeking the establishment of commissions of arbitration and observation, a separate vote to be taken on the latter if necessary.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4, ii]