284 Shann to Burton

Minute CANBERRA, 14 August 1947


As instructed I conveyed your directions as to the proposing of a Commission of Arbitration directly appointed by the Security Council [1], and enquired as to the chances of success for such a move. Harry said that the voting on the matter was likely to follow the following line:

For: Australia, USSR, Poland, Syria, Colombia, China.

Against: UK, USA, Belgium, France and Brazil.

That is 6 for 5 against. This is not enough as all decisions have to have 7 concurring votes. He placed Brazil among the opposition because they had been unable, despite their best efforts, to separate Brazil from the US on any matter. In this connection he suggested we make every effort to influence the US and Brazil in our favour. [Harry does not expect US or UK veto but thinks France may exercise it.] [2]

So far as the United States is concerned Harry said that we had become most unpopular as a result of our efforts to find a compromise on Greece. The US regarded our actions as constituting going right over to the Russian camp. The Delegation, however, thought that our efforts on Greece were right on the ball.

I mentioned the invitations to East Indonesia, etc., and Harry said that there was no chance that they would be invited to the Council table.

1 See Documents 280 and 283.

2 The words in square brackets were added by hand.

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