282 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN755 NEW YORK, 13 August 1947, 9.46 p.m.


Security 446.

Your 472 [1] and related messages. Indonesia.

Position following on private consultation with most members of Security Council is as follows- 1. United Kingdom, Belgium and France will object strenuously to any further action by Council and still maintain original decision of 1st August was outside competence of Council.

2. Brazil despite your representation [2] has received instructions generally to support the United States view that it would be unwise for Council to appoint a Commission of arbitrators until we knew the results of the United States good offices which they hoped would develop into mediation and measures for full settlement.

3. United States opposed to joint arbitration or mediation with Australia at this stage. They also object strenuously to our proposal for a Commission of five to ensure the decision of Council regarding observing and reporting on 'cease fire' is observed. They argue you cannot avoid appointing Soviet or satellite representative on any such Commission and the results will be the same as in the Greek question.

4. Only positive and constructive suggestion from Colombia. He proposes that our resolutions [be] amended to provide for a recommendation that United States 'good offices' now accepted by both parties should in first instance be directed to obtaining mutual acceptance by both parties to the appointment of three arbitrators.

5. Bearing in mind the general decision that we should not court rebuff in Council we are of the opinion that at this stage we cannot secure sufficient votes to carry a positive resolution for appointment of Commission of three arbitrators. Even if we managed to secure seven votes possibility of veto [by] United Kingdom &

France cannot be excluded.

6. As it is we shall have difficulty in securing passage of the resolution as set out in our 747 [3] and 751. [4] In the circumstances the best tactics would appear to be to hear the statement of the Indonesian delegate with his request for a Commission of three arbitrators and accept amendment vide paragraph 4 which Colombia would be prepared to advance thus avoiding withdrawal of our proposal and substitution by a new resolution.

1 Document 280.

2 The Department of External Affairs had instructed the Legation in Rio de Janeiro on 4 August to thank the Government of Brazil for its 'valuable support' in the Security Council and to express Australia's hope for further cooperation with the Brazilian Delegation at the United Nations.

3 Document 277.

4 Document 281.

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